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Cariblue has helped many businesses who are looking at franchising, developing their marketing strategies or diversifying and it is with actual clients that we have developed some case studies that may help your business.

Scoot2You - Franchise Case Study


Scoot2You is a chauffeuring service with a difference. At the designated time and location a Scoot2you Personal Chauffeur will arrive on one of their Scoot2you Italian folding motorbikes. They’ll fold the bike away and slip it into the boot of the clients car, then the Chauffeur will drive their client and their car home.

Due to the popularity and continuous growth of this business system, the Directors decide to franchise their business model. Without the necessary franchise skills they looked into a number of franchise consultants and franchise lawyers. However, they were let down and felt that they hadn’t received value for money as the documents that they had received where not converting their franchise enquiries.
They knew that they did not have the skills to franchise themselves, so had to look for another consultancy firm. Scoot2You were very dubious about taking on another consultancy firm, however, through discussions with a government advisor they were give a few recommendations of some successful consultancy firms.

So after meeting with a few firms and ringing clients and getting testimonials, Scoot2You decided on Cariblue. They decided on Cariblue because they found value in the proposed ideas that were put forward to them.


Cariblue in-conjunction with Scoot2You came up with an action plan that covered all areas of the franchise recruitment process. This action plan not only covered things relating to the ‘now’ but also other actions to take as Scoot2You’s budget grew, such as further areas to advertise their franchise for sale.

Cariblue provide for Scoot2You the following:

  • Recruitment Activity Plan
  • Selection Process Flow Chart
  • Initial Franchise Enquiry Flyer
  • Franchise Brochure
  • Franchise Application


Scoot2You were very happy with the end product and within a couple of weeks of the new plan were in the final stages of a franchise sale.

To read a testimonial from Scoot2You click here.

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