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Cariblue has helped many businesses who are looking at franchising, developing their marketing strategies or diversifying and it is with actual clients that we have developed some case studies that may help your business.

Kelly Lane - Enterprise Connect Case Study


Kelly Lane Pty Ltd is a wholesale company that produces a number of designer brands: Kelly Lane, Artie Fartie and A Tad Trendi. Their brands and products consist of photo frames, canvases, block mounts, coasters, cups, bathroom sets, clocks, glasses, plaques, body care, and souvenirs. Kelly Lane Pty Ltd started in Australia in 1995 and has continued to grow and establish itself as a well-recognised brand of gifts and homewares.

In 2010, Kelly Lane took part in the Government funded Enterprise Connect program, which enabled them access to a business consultant to go through their business and develop strategies to grow Kelly Lane into the next level. It was part of this program that introduced them to the Cariblue Team.

What Kelly Lane wanted to get out of the Enterprise Connect program and their relationship with Cariblue was the following:

  • Did they have the right type of leadership style to continually grow the brand?
  • Should they be looking at diversifying their marketing strategies to include social media?
  • Where were their weaknesses and how could they strengthen them?

Together with Cariblue, working as one team, they were able to go through their business and answer questions and more.


Through working with Cariblue, Kelly Lane has been able to develop her business in the areas of business planning, strategic decision making, marketing, social media and HR.

Business Planning

“Business planning is difficult at the best of times, however during a global financial crisis I gained strength with Cariblue as my business consultants in many and varied ways. I have gained an insight in better decision making patterns for my business.”

“Strategic decision making is easier when a team of support is just a phone call away. I would like to think the team leadership skills I have been developing this past year with the Cariblue's support network will continue to grow for the rest of my leadership days.”

“I feel now my team around me have seen small but encouraging changes within our organisation. I also take comfort in knowing that my style of business leadership is acceptable and I look forward to having continual advice from the Cariblue team to hear my new and strategically developed ideas for the future. I have found adviser's to bounce new thoughts around in a professional manner.”


“In marketing I have learned new social media potentials that helped me take small steps to gain entry into the new style of marketing requirements for new and old customers.”

  • Time lining new strategies.
  • Enhancing the old with new learning.
  • Maintaining our current path with the help of new styles and a broader network of information.

Other areas were Kelly Lane has grown and developed under the Cariblue mentoring are:

  • Running the CRM package with great outcomes, customer management.
  • Completing surveys which we have been encouraged to do to understand how to better the next program.
  • Mailing out more often to the retailers, promos etc. Telling customers about our brands and our strengths.
  • Continuing the communication to marketing contacts which were established for Kelly Lane by Cariblue.
  • Sales from the Show room fortnightly, attracting customers to us and producing income.
  • Approaching the majors with sales programs, being brave and growing the customer base.
  • Teaching Kelly Lane about advertising in house, helping me be able to sit with the designers creating a great advertising campaign and getting it out there, the 15 years task.
  • Promoting new and old stock with call to actions, which Cariblue have helped me understand.
  • Future catalogue knowledge and planning for successful outcomes.
  • Advertising contacts and future relationship building tools I look forward to using.

Human Resources

“In HR I have learnt new ways of how to deal with Team member’s questions, beliefs and needs. To help the culture change in our established business, I have been encouraged and up skilled my ability and the resources available to me with Cariblue. We have implemented new programs and from learning from team surveys we hope to be an employer of choice. We have learnt to open up channels and to discuss employee’s needs.”

Learning about the modern awards. Keeping up with the changing work forces is difficult but now we have tools in place because of Cariblue’s continual support and updated information.


"I could only look forward to more workshops and knowing more about business.

If Cariblue were to gain a platform for future business development I would be very grateful to attend many more modules. If more workshops are offered and are affordable to small business we can all achieve and assist growth in SE QLD".

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