Cariblue Franchising works closely with our clients across Australia and internationally to build successful and profitable franchises. 


We assist businesses, potential and existing franchisors to increase success by stimulating growth and improving profitability to build a solid franchise more quickly with less stress.

We do this through the different stages of their franchising journey including:

1. Finding out what is involved in franchising as a growth strategy
2. Developing a roadmap for growth  - their vision, strategy and action plan for growth
3. Growing and preparing their business to be franchise ready
4. Actually franchising their business
5. Assisting  in transition to a full time franchisor once they have franchisees
6. Growing their franchise nationally
7. Growing their franchise internationally
8. Succession planning and exiting successfully

Furthermore we support our franchisors through our ongoing mentoring programs to support them in achieving their results.

As part of the above processes we provide a wide range of services including market research, strategic and business planning, marketing planning, operations manuals, territory mapping, marketing materials, brand management, franchise development programs, compliance programs, benchmarking and scorecards, franchise surveys, fee structures, business reviews, systems reviews, performance reviews, roadmaps to growth and access to government grant programs.

Cariblue's Managing Director, Sarah Cobb, is a multi-award winning professional including the 2013 Franchise Woman of the Year for QLD/NT and the 2012 Australian Institute of Management's "Owner Manager of the Year" for Gold Coast.

Please get in touch if you would like to see if we can be of assistance to you.



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