Who has the key to the filing cabinet? Ans: Virtual Satellite Offices!

Written on the 27 June 2011

With the establishment of the internet, email and smart phones in our everyday life, it is no wonder that organisations are changing the way they conduct their business. One of the many ways that businesses are incorporating this technology is the transformation of the traditional based corporate office into the virtual satellite workplace. With software available to create virtual filing cabinets, meetings via the internet, accessing your email 24/7 and time recording, is it no wonder that we are heading this way? With this new flexibility, these offices are opening up job opportunities to those that didn’t think it possible.

As defined by Kurland & Bailey (1999), “in satellite offices, employees work both outside the home and away from the conventional workplace in a location convenient to the employees and/or customers (p.54).”

More and more people are running home-based businesses both privately and as part of a franchise or large company groups. But this trend is also growing in the corporate arena, with more employees working a few days from home a week. This flexibility that is available to us is all due to the developments in the internet and software available.

Cariblue is a great example of a satellite office that uses dedicated software to manage their business. Cariblue employees work from their own home offices, contact each other via phone, Skype and email. They work with a secure virtual filing cabinet where any employee can access any client or working files, upload and download all with the press of a button. All files are kept up to date and in order (no missing pages!)

With satellite offices employees can dictate their own working hours, have the flexibility to meet with clients at their place of business (minimal peak hour traffic hiccups) and studies have proven that employees tend to be more proactive working in a home based office and finally, better tax deductions for the employee.

John Kinskey, who has written many articles on satellite and remote offices, believes that one of the biggest advantages of these types of offices is the flexibility and custom-made setup of appropriate systems required. This results in businesses running at a lower cost as the implementation of these systems is at a fraction of the cost both in services needed to run the business and employment costs.

Satellite offices also promote a larger employment opportunities for both the employer and the potential employee. As an example Cariblue is made up of highly educated men and women, who love what they do but aren’t constricted to the tradition working environment.

Jaime Turner, employee of Cariblue says, “Before I had my child, I was the Marketing Manager for First Class Accounts and was working the typical corporate job. When I left to have my son I thought it would be years before I would be able to work in the field that I love. However, due to how Cariblue is setup I am able to spend time with my son and work in an industry that I enjoy.”

Satellite Offices give opportunities to a group of under-utilised potential employees, educated stay at home mothers, who have come from big business but whose priorities have shifted. This is an untapped resource for potential satellite offices looking for those employees that have a certain skill set but aren’t looking for the full time corporate position.

Like any business, you have to have the correct procedures and safeguards in place to maintain your level of service and profitability. Satellite Offices come with their own set of disadvantages just as a corporate office, but with the correct setup and good communication, could this be a solution for you?

Kurland, N.B., & Bailey, D.E. (1999). Telework: The advantages and challenges of working here, there, anywhere, and anytime. Organizational Dynamics, Autumn, 53-68.

Kinskey, John - Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/495272


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