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Written on the 27 June 2011

Many of our clients ask us about social media and the benefits for their business as they are building new websites. So in this article we are going to outline the three most popular social media tools and some tips in getting started. Word of mouth marketing is amplified on-line when using social media tools and it is another way to get your website to generate business rather than just looking pretty.

1. Facebook

Facebook is probably the most well known social media tool, with over 700 million people using for both personal and businesses purposes. One of the many benefits of Facebook is that it provides a platform for low cost marketing opportunities. Through Facebook your business can build a presence, keep in contact with clients and attract new clients.

In a recent slide show by Hubspot it was posted that:

1 out of every 8 minutes on-line is spent on Facebook.
40% of Facebook users are age 35
64% of Facebook users have become fans of at least one company or brand on Facebook
If you are interested in Facebook, one of the first steps is to secure your company name for a fan page. A fan page is slightly different to a personal page as it allows easier access for your followers as they just like your page rather than requesting a friendship.

The next step would be to research your competitors and evaluate their presence on Facebook. Check out their photos, videos and how many followers they have and what kind of posts they are running. This will help you create your point of difference and keep up with the competition.

Finally, creating a following, your presence grows as you expand the number of followers you have. Your updates and posts will be published on all your followers pages, so it is important to update regularly.

2. Twitter

Twitter is similar to Facebook in the sense that your account has followers, but it doesn't have a wall to post to, posts are immediate and are restricted to the number of characters.

Tweets are short and brief and gives businesses another marketing platform to promote their products and or services. A great way to advertise promotions, launches and specials as they are instant.

It is important that you register your business name and also search your business, products and or terms and phrases significant to your business. This will show you what is already on twitter, who is following them and what is being said.

Twitter is truly about a conversation. An opportunity to connect with people from around the globe that you’d never be able to connect with otherwise.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an on-line professional networking site that allows professionals to connect with each other, to showcase their business, themselves and a recruitment tool. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to be able to express your business capabilities and create a profile in a business setting.

Again it is important to reserve your business name and look around to see how your competitors are utilising the service.

Secondly, connect with your clients who are already on the site. An opportunity is to receive a recommendation from one of your clients through LinkedIn, this is added to your profile and creates credibility for your business and yourself. Recommendations also help with ranking within the LinkedIn site.

Thirdly, join groups that are related to your industry, answer questions and being involved in conversations establishes you as knowledgeable or an expert in your field.

Social Media is not going away anytime soon, as it is a tool that more and more companies are utilising to market their products and services. Expand your brand, educate yourself and keep up with what is being said about your business. Remember social media is public and once in cyberspace it is there for a long time - so think about getting involved and adding social media to your marketing plan.



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